The First EVE Conference; Thessaloniki Greece, November 1st to 6th


In the automn of 2009, Saturday the 1st of November to Thursday the 6th of November, the first meeting of the Comenius project "Europe versus Energy, EVE" was held in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The delegations of Romania (three teachers and three students), Sweden (two teachers and two students) and Norway (two teachers and two students) arrived on Saturday, the 1st of November and were picked up by Mr Avraam Papadopoulos, the organizer of this project.
In the afternoon the visitors met the Greek teachers and students and had a short walk in Thessaloniki taking a first taste of the city's night life.
Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece. It was founded in 315 by the King of Macedonia Cassandros, who named the city after his wife Thessaloniki, the sister of Alexander the Great. In 146 BC Thessaloniki became a part of the Roman and later of the Byzantine Empire, was occupied in the centuries to follow by different tribes and was liberated in 1912. The municipality has a population of over 300.000, but in the conurbation there live more than one million people. In Thessaloniki there are a lot of ancient, byzantine, ottoman and newer sightseeing, part of which was shown to the visitors on the next day.

Schedule of the visit

Sunday, November the 2nd
10.00-13.00: Meeting at Aristotelus Square. Walk to the Hagia Sofia Church, the Galerius Palace, the Kamara, the Rotunda, the Aristotle
University, the International Trade Fair and the White Tower.
Afternoon: Dinner in the center of the city.

Monday, November the 3rd
8.30-9.30: Official opening of the project. Meeting at the auditorium of the 2nd Experimental High School.
The Greek School Community welcomes the visitors.
10:00-13.00: Discussion on the project's aim and goals. Fixing of the cooperation groups.
Evening: Dinner at Lepen, Aristotlestreet.

Tuesday, November the 4th
8.30-14.00: Trip to the hydraulic station of Sfikia and to the ancient city Vergina.
14.30: Lunch

Wednesday, November the 5th
8.30-14.00 Excursion to the technological parc NOESIS and to mediterranean Cosmos.
21.00 Farewell dinner

Thursday, November the 6th
Departure of the Norwegian and the Swedish Delegation.
Trip to Katerini for the Romanian Delegetion.

Friday, November the 6th

Departure of the Romanian Delegation.

At the palace of Galerius, Thessaloniki,
November 2nd 2008
In front of the Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki, November 5th 2008


Our Sirtaki dancers, November 3rd 2008