carcinogenic substances

Carcinogenic Substances

cancer2.jpgcancer11.jpgCarcinogens from industrial sources is not the only reason for the problems of cancer associated with air pollution. There are, for example, polycyclic organic compounds (compounds that form circular molecules) such as 3,4benzopyrene, which have caused cancer on guinea pigs. It has been reported that groups of organic compounds and particularly 3,4benzopyrene, are located in ambient air in much higher concentrations in urban areas than in the air in rural areas. These compounds originate from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons and other carbon compounds. Such polycyclic compounds are released in biologically significant quantities from the exhaust pipes of all kinds of vehicles. Lucfalsekily, although these compounds are carcinogenic, they do not have a chemical structure that is easily destroyed by other components of air or the solar rays. It is found that some non-carcinogenic compounds help to carcinogens transported to tissues that are most vulnerable to cancer.

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