The project started at CERN, Geneva...

The contact persons of all the institutions are physics teachers that have taken part in CERN’s HST-2007 Program (High School Teacher Programme), held in CERN, Geneva, in July 2007. There, they attended lectures on high energy physics and worked together on specific physics projects. Working together they realized that they could collaborate in the context of a partnership like Comenius. As Europe’s citizens and as physics teachers, they decided that energy must be Europe’s main concern!

The participating institutions, after the propositions of the contact persons, decided to collaborate in such a project because their headmasters and their teachers board realized that this Partnership is a unique opportunity to:

  • develope knowledge and understanding among their pupils and teachers of the diversity of European cultures and languages and its value,

  • study the different training systems in Europe,

  • improve their pedagogical approaches and school management,

  • to help their pupils acquire skills and competences necessary for their personal development,

  • to equip their pupils with knowledge necessary for active European citizenship (some of these pupils will be the tomorrow decision makers!), and

  • to use (and develope) innovative ICT-based content and services.